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John Renstrom, arrested on 12th January, 1903, at North Shields Police Station for larceny.

Welcome to the blog, which aims to collect a selection of random thoughts on issues of interest relating to crime, criminal justice and criminology. Please feel free to add your comments to the blogposts.

I am currently working as an academic criminologist, though the views expressed on this blog are my own and not those of my employer.

In a former life, I was a frontline probation officer, working with a range of people who had broken the law. I visited many of the prisons in England in the course of my job. This experience informs my teaching and research.

My current research interests include probation, criminal and community justice, penal policy in the UK and America, and sexual offending.

I have published work on developing ethnographic research in probation, and also on imprisonment and probation in America.

I am currently researching probation culture in London and the north east of England.

You can find my reflections on privatising probation on the New Left Project website.

My blogposts on the American incarceration machine and also on Privatising Prisons: A Step Too Far? can be found on the excellent Justice Gap site.

Other recent writing relevant to this blog:

Teague, M. (2012) ‘Privatising Criminal Justice: A Step Too Far?’. in V. Helyar-Cardwell, ed., Delivering Justice: The role of the public, private and voluntary sectors in prisons and probation, pp. 41-45w, London: Criminal Justice Alliance.

Teague, M.(2012) ‘Neoliberalism, Prisons and Probation in the USA and England and Wales’: Chapter 3 in P. Whitehead & P. Crawshaw, eds., Organising Neoliberalism: Markets, Privatisation and Justice, London: Anthem.

Teague, M. (2011), ‘Probation in America: Armed, private and unaffordable?’. Probation Journal 58/4: 317-32.

Teague, M. (2009), ‘Barack Obama: changing American criminal justice?’. Criminal Justice Matters 78/1: 4-5.

Teague, M. (2008), ‘America: The Great Prison Nation’. Prison Service Journal /176: 9-14.

Michael Teague

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